Pulse Land Group

Exceptional Land Use Planning in the Twin Cities and Beyond

Who we are

Pulse Land Group is a small strategic planning, land use, entitlement, and asset management firm owned by Rose Lorsung. Pulse was incorporated in 2008 with the vision of creating exceptional spaces through effective and cost-efficient land use planning. We work with investors, developers, lenders, contractors, land owners, and any other interested stakeholder in land. Our specialty is in understanding your land development goals and maximizing the development potential of your project — especially challenging development projects involving complex municipal regulatory issues. However, no matter what your land goals are, consulting with Pulse Land Group will help you understand your land investment more comprehensively.

What we do

We perform a variety of services, from simple conditional use permits to complex planned use developments. We have a diverse background that spans the public and private planning sector in land use planning, civil engineering, development, and real estate. Our previous director-level municipal and private work experience is what helps us more thoroughly understand development and private land owners’ desires and frustrations. While in the public sector, Rose Lorsung helped solve complex development issues for local government, bridging the gap between investor and city goals and finding common ground without losing vision. It is that government experience prior to her private-sector career that sets her apart from other consultants. You can’t see the project entirely until you have worked for both the private and public sector. Knowing how each works creates the best project manager.

Why we do it

Pulse Land Group is passionate about building a business dedicated to successful, progressive, and innovative land development planning. It is our goal to always be at the cutting edge of the industry, to understand new technology and policy options, and to maximize land opportunities. This industry works best when the public sector and private industry can collaborate to get things done, and our unique experience facilitates that relationship, helping to realize the goal and objectives of our clients. Pulse is focused on improving places and creating innovative spaces that are exceptional, not average. Our experience, passion, and knowledge will ensure a smoother, more creative, and higher-quality project. Rose Lorsung thinks of things only a planner with public and private experience can bring to the table. Pulse has experience in all facets of land planning problem solving, land planning enhancement, and land planning that improves your bottom line.

Planning and entitlement services

Pulse Land Group specializes in planning and entitlement services for developers, land owners, lenders, and investors. The following is a general list of services offered by Pulse Land Group:

Strategic planning
  • Prepare background analysis, including policy and physical constraints
  • Develop a strategic plan to accomplish project and objectives
  • Provide land site layouts maximizing investment

Project management/coordination
  • Manage and coordinate all elements of a project, including, but not limited to, planning, development, real estate, or entitlement-related projects

Due diligence packages
  • Establish baseline conditions, including thorough ordinance and policy review
  • Prepare land analysis, including comprehensive set of maps
  • Establish flat fee based on project conditions and needs analysis
  • Prepare pro forma of costs for offsite and onsite improvements and regulatory fees

GIS/mapping services
  • Prepare and update geographic land use information
  • Analyze land use patterns
  • Perform integrated GIS studies, including economic and land use analysis

Market research
  • Utilize GIS, MLS, and U.S. Census data to perform market research and analysis related to any project
  • Assist with site identification based on market conditions
  • Prepare integrated market research and G15 exhibits for analysis

Concept planning
  • Prepare concept sketches prior to involving other technical resources
  • Present concepts and ideas to regulatory agencies or stakeholders

Land use projects
  • Assist with regulatory process, including CUPS, variances, minor or major subdivisions
  • Attend city/agency meetings to assist with successful project implementation

Environmental review and assistance
  • Perform and prepare environmental reviews such as EAWs, AUARs, and EIS documents
  • Assist with mitigation of wetland, FEMA, or other environmental-related restrictions

Other services
  • Expert witness
  • Condemnation services (utility/easement negotiations and assistance)
  • Lobbying and positioning
  • Land portfolio management
  • Ordinance review, modification, and positioning
  • Meeting attendance

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